Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to Birding the Green Way!

The "green way" is birding by bike and bus, not private vehicle.

I'm Dave Fallow. I've been leading bird-watching field trips in and around Madison since the 1980's, and in the last several years solely by bicycle and/or by Metro Transit bus for environmental reasons. You may have heard me pontificating on WORT radio (89.9 FM) Tuesday mornings at 11:00 on John Fabke's popular folk music show "Pastures of Plenty".

We're now in the thick of the May bird migration, and you can experience it on my guided field trips, reasonably priced at $10. If you know the song of the American Robin but are unfamiliar with the pretzel-like vocalization of the WARBLING VIREO...if you instantly recognize a Scarlet Tanager but may not know a NIGHTHAWK or GREY-CHEEKED THRUSH...then these trips are for you!

All trips require that you bicycle (or bike-bus) to the meeting place, and from there we proceed on foot. Most trips will be at Picnic Point and the UW Arboretum, at various times of day on both weekdays and weekends. You will learn how to identify many species of migrating birds by both sight and sound...and have fun in the process!